Günther Uecker Institut


Workshop discussion for the IUG Fellowship

At the workshop discussion for the IUG Fellowship 2024, Daniel Wolter presented his project entitled “Of Stink Bugs and Bark Beetles: The Environmental Movement in the GDR” in Berlin and […]


Notes on Uecker – Volume 3 to be published in July

Nick Böhnke’s investigation, entitled “The Withdrawn Touch: Structure, Temporality, and Haptics of Painterly Action in Günther Uecker’s Early Structural Reliefs”, expands the concept of ‘action’ to include painterly approaches by […]


Research funding announced for 2024

The GUI | IUG is inviting applications for a 2024 research grant under the title “On Waldsterben: Land Art in the GDR.” The project aims to reexamine photographic documentation of […]


Year in Review 2023

We would like to thank Günther Uecker, Jacob Uecker, and Christine Uecker for a great year of research in 2023; all of our cooperation partners, especially the ZERO foundation and […]


Recap of Table Talk No. 1

At the GUI’s inaugural Table Talk, Lydia Askani gave us some insight into her artistic research project “Circle and Surface: Lunar Relics Scrutiny” in the form of a lecture performance. […]

Artistic Research Fellowship · 24.11.2023

Lydia Askani: Circle and Surface—Lunar Relics Scrutiny

The artistic research project deals with the appropriation of artifacts and forgeries of cultural property. She draws attention to their instrumentalization within geopolitical power struggles and, in this context, critically and humorously questions the role of institutions and museums in relation to the attribution of meaning to objects and their historical contextualization.


Studio Visit with Günther Uecker

As part of our November 2023 workshop “The State of Experience, or: ars activa,” we visited Günther Uecker at his studio in Düsseldorf. After two intensive days of presentations and […]