Notes on Uecker – Print

The bilingual (German/English) publication series Notizen zu Uecker [Notes on Uecker] makes the research of the international scholars funded by the Günther Uecker Institute accessible to the public in both analogueand digital form. The focus of this platform is a lively, discursive examination of Günther Uecker’s work.

Volume 1 · 2022

Katrin Nahidi: Man’s Inhumanity

Günther Uecker’s Conceptual History Paintings – In this first volume of Notizen zu Uecker [Notes on Uecker], art historian and historian of the Middle East Katrin Nahidi analyzes Uecker’s work Implement (On Words).

Volume 3 · 2024

Nick Böhnke: The Withdrawn Touch

The Withdrawn Touch: Structure, Temporality, and Haptics of Painterly Action in Günther Uecker’s Early Structural Reliefs – Nick Böhnke’s investigation for Volume 3 of Notes on Uecker,, entitled Penetrations of Space: Reflections on Iconic Formal Processes in the Ground of Günther Uecker’s Painterly Reliefs of the Late 1950s expands the concept of ‘action’.


Notes on Uecker – Digital

Contribution 1 · 2021

Katja Gentric: “Southern” Perspektive

Works of Günther Uecker, Willem Boshoff and Mbali Koza in dialogue. – How does one deal with the unspeakable? And what about the responsibility to not conceal injustice and suffering, and to face the task of articulating it? On the other hand, […]