Research Funding

As an independent cultural institution, the GUI supports international scholars working in the field of contemporary art theory and related disciplines.

Research Grant 2024: “On Waldsterben: Land Art in the GDR”

The project, which is being developed as part of the fellowship under the working title “On Waldsterben: Land Art in the GDR,” forms a central part of the larger cooperative project “Environment, Art, and Opposition.” The aim is to promote up-and-coming scholars’ in-depth research on the holdings of the GDR opposition archive, based on photographic collections such as those of Andreas Kämper, Roland Hensel, or Volker Döring. The project aims to make research contributions on two levels: with the aid of scientific research, opposition movements within the GDR—primarily in the 1980s—will be illuminated with a focus on the documentation of environmental damage and, on another level, by asking new questions that take into consideration contemporary discourses. Such questions might include: How does the work of transferring documentary images from their context in the political opposition into that of the public sphere? What value does an art historical approach bring when it deals with such documentary images? Where is the boundary between aesthetic and political concerns? How broadly can a term such as “Land Art” be defined and what value does such an expansion bring to current debates about artistic and political movements in the GDR?

You can find the call for applications here.

Please use our online form to apply.

Publication Funding in the Context of the Notes on Uecker Series

In the bilingual series Notes on Uecker, published by the Deutscher Kunstverlag, we present manuscripts by authors engaging with hitherto under-explored areas within Günther Uecker’s oeuvre. In the research year 2024, the GUI will focus on the aspects of nature, the earth, and human beings in their relations with one another, taking Uecker’s body of work as a starting point. A core concern will be an investigation of the term ‘Gestaltung,’ which can be understood as organization, design, or form, and the moral, philosophical, and aesthetic aspects that interconnect with it. We are eagerly expecting research paper submissions, especially those establishing links with materiality in the context of Uecker’s artistic works. 

Our funding program offers support for every step of the publication process, from manuscript production up to the finished book, and covers the costs of editing, translation, image rights, printing, and distribution. Texts can be submitted in English or German and should not exceed 50 standard manuscript pages. 

Please use our online form to apply. We look forward to reading your fresh insights into and in-depth research on Günther Uecker’s work.

Should you wish to submit a longer-format work, such as your dissertation or habilitation, please contact us directly at: 

Dr. Katharina Neuburger
Scholarly Director