About IUG

The “mirror of the GUI” represents our latest project series. Since 2023, under the name Institute for Environment and Design (IUG), we’ve been engaged with interdisciplinary platforms in the fields of artistic and art historical research. A key element of our scholarly funding in the context of the IUG is based on an understanding of artistic research as an innovative and unconventional scientific approach, one that combines the dual structure of ‘doing’ and ‘thinking’ in a non-hierarchical way. Our support for artistic research creates opportunities for young scientists and artists to offer unusual twists and turns within contemporary discourses in the public sphere. We’re very excited to see the new debates and surprising projects that come about as part of the IUG series.

The 2024 project in this series is Daniel Wolter’s research work entitled “The Environmental Movement in the GDR: A Media-Ecological Perspective,” currently in development in a cooperation with the Robert Havemann Society, Berlin.