About IUG

The GUI supports innovative research on Günther Uecker’s work. ‘The mirror of the GUI,’ the IUG, is our new project series: beginning in 2024, we will pursue in-depth art projects in public, open-access, and interdisciplinary formats under the name IUG, the Institute for Environment and Design. The guiding questions here are: What can art and aesthetic discourses from the past and present contribute to the environment? What forms does artistic action take as it shapes the world? Where do the lines exist between the discursive fields of the aesthetic, the moral, and the political in the context of artistic action?

We are looking forward to the coming year, during which we will build on last year’s topics by promoting projects that focus on “Artistic Action” and its interplay with the coming year’s theme, “Environment, Art, and Opposition.” We’re also very excited to be a guest of the Robert Havemann Society in Berlin in 2024 as part of this theme!