Katrin Nahidi

Man’s Inhumanity: Günther Uecker’s Conceptual History Paintings

In this first volume of Notes on Uecker, art historian and historian of the Middle East Katrin Nahidi analyzes Uecker’s work Implement (On Words), which was created as part of the work complex Man’s Inhumanity (1992/93). The core of her investigation is found in the linking of “conceptual art” and “history painting” that occurs in Uecker’s oeuvre: a “conceptual history painting.” Using this conceptual framework, Nahidi vividly illuminates the work’s exhibition history and explores how it unfolded its cultural-political and cross-cultural impact.

  • Volume 1 · 2022
  • Deutscher Kunstverlag
  • ISBN: 978-3-422-80077-9
  • 96 pages, german, english
  • 28 color illustrations
Katrin Nahidi

Katrin Nahidi, born in Schwäbisch Hall in 1983, holds a doctorate in art history. She studied art history, history and culture of the Middle East, and modern German literature at Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität in Munich. Her dissertation was funded by the Swiss National Science Foundation. In 2021, she received her PhD from Freie Universität Berlin for her thesis Modernism Revisited: Exhibitions, Cultural Politics, and Modernist Art Production in Iran. She is a researcher on global art and postcolonial theory at the University of Graz.