2024: Guest of the Robert Havemann Society, Berlin

During the research year 2024, the GUI | IUG will collaborate with the Robert Havemann Society in Berlin.

Under the name Institute for Environment and Design (IUG), we conduct in-depth research on interdisciplinary contemporary movements with a focus on discourses at the intersection of politics and aesthetics. In this context, the IUG will be cooperating in 2024 with the Robert Havemann Society (RHG) on the topic of “Environment, Art, and Opposition.” A central aspect of the joint project is research funding in the form of a scholarship to be awarded to a young researcher.

You can find the call for applications here.

The RHG was founded in November 1990 by the political movement Neues Forum as a political education association. It documents and shares the history and experiences of opposition and resistance in the GDR as well as housing the physical archive of the GDR opposition. The society takes its name from physical chemist Robert Havemann, who was a resistance fighter against National Socialism and one of the best-known critics of the regime in the GDR.