Research funding announced for 2024

The GUI | IUG is inviting applications for a 2024 research grant under the title “On Waldsterben: Land Art in the GDR.”

The project aims to reexamine photographic documentation of environmental damage caused by opposition movements in the GDR through a refocusing that incorporates contemporary discourses: How does the work of transferring documentary images from their context in the political opposition into that of the public sphere? What value does an art historical approach bring when it deals with such documentary images? Where is the boundary between aesthetic and political concerns? How broadly can a term such as “Land Art” be defined and what value does such an expansion bring to current debates about artistic and political movements in the GDR?

The scholarship is aimed at scholars from the fields of cultural studies and art history and supports in-depth research work with the holdings of the archives of the GDR opposition. This is part of the cooperative project between the GUI and the Robert Havemann Society.

The detailed call for applications and the application form can be found on our website: Research Funding

The application deadline is February 15, 2024.