Notes on Uecker – Volume 3 to be published in July

Nick Böhnke’s investigation, entitled “The Withdrawn Touch: Structure, Temporality, and Haptics of Painterly Action in Günther Uecker’s Early Structural Reliefs”, expands the concept of ‘action’ to include painterly approaches by the artist up until the 1960s. Probing the interstitial realm between image and performativity, and with particular attention paid to the social upheavals of these years, Böhnke examines conceptions of the relief in Uecker’s work. The focus is on touching and grasping, in both its physical and notional senses, as well as the sensual and tactile aspects in the development of what are today iconic works by Uecker, such as his Nailing of a Piano (1964).

Volume 3 of Notes on Uecker will be published by Deutscher Kunstverlag on July 8, 2024.