GUI research fellow publishes paper on the cultural politics of art in Iran

We are pleased to announce the publication of Katrin Nahidi’s dissertation, The Cultural Politics of Art in Iran by Cambridge University Press. In this work, the art scholar examines Iranian modernist art within the discursive context of Gharbzadegi [Westoxification] and reveals the complex political influences that underpin art historiography. Congratulations to our former research fellow!

Katrin Nahidi was 2019 recipient of the Günther Uecker Research Fellowship. Her text “Man’s Inhumanity: Günther Uecker’s Conceptual History Paintings” was published as Volume 1 of our Notizen zu Uecker series. Nahidi reveals in this work the connection of “conceptual art” and “history painting” in Uecker’s oeuvre to “conceptual history painting,” with the help of which she traces the relation between event and artwork.